Tax Preparation

Income Tax Preparation – What are your Choices?

Your TAX BREAKS Income Tax Preparation Service is available at all our TAX BREAKS locations. Every location includes the following options:

 Standard “Paper Forms

Income tax preparation – Our staff is both knowledgeable and friendly. TAX BREAKS Income Tax Preparation is committed to preparing personal and business tax returns to your absolute satisfaction. This includes Local, State and Federal paper returns. Your tax preparer will work with you throughout the interview to provide 100% accuracy and maximum refunds.

E-File  Also known as Electronic Filing

Your tax preparer loves to file electronic taxes. Why? Because they know, our clients will receive their refunds so much faster! In years past, tax refunds often required a wait of three to six weeks. Nowadays, with electronic filing, you’ll receive your money within two weeks! At TAX BREAKS, your tax preparer truly finds joy in maximizing returns and getting this money to you, – FAST!

Tax Accountant – What DOCUMENTS Do You Need to Bring to Our Office?

Our tax preparer staff is eagerly waiting to meet you! Please bring everything you need so they can complete your return in one visit and rush your refund into your pocket! These are the documents our tax accountant needs from you during our interview:


  • Very important! Your Wage and Tax Statements and W-2 Forms
  • Income from Pensions and Retirement funds – sent to you as 1099-R forms
  • If you were unemployed, bring along your 1099-G form
  • Your tax preparer needs to know if you had Canceled Debt, so bring your 1099-C form
  • If you received Social Security, bring along your SSA-1099 form
  • If you sold stocks and bonds, be sure to bring your 1099-B forms
  • If you received interest or dividends on your stocks or bank accounts bring your 1099-INT and 1099-DIV
  • Bring the amounts of your IRA contributions
  • If you were lucky enough to gamble (and win) be sure to tell us about those amounts
  • If you have a state refund, bring along your 1099-G form
  • Other forms of income we need to know about are:
    • Income and expenses related to rental units
    • If you have paid or received alimony
  • If you sold or purchased a home your tax preparer needs the paperwork and records
  • We need a copy of your Federal and State Tax returns from last year
  • Bring along your Tuition and Education Fees form 1098-T if your college or university is receiving money on your behalf


  • Your tax preparer needs your medical and dental bills
  • Bring records of your real estate taxes and personal property taxes
  • Bring records of state and local taxes you have paid
  • If you have estimated taxes or have paid foreign taxes, bring along that paperwork
  • Your tax accountant needs records of cash donations and non-cash donations
  • Bring your Mortgage or Home Equity Loan Interest Form 1098
  • Bring along bills from employment-related expenses (unless you were reimbursed)
  • Bring proof of job-related educational expenses
  • If you’re an educator (such as a teacher) bring receipts for supplies you’ve purchased
  • If you’re still paying on a student loan, bring your 1098-E form
  • Be sure to bring documentation of theft or casualty losses
  • Bring paperwork for child care expenses and  your child care provider details


  • Don’t forget  to bring Social Security Cards for everyone on your tax return
  • We will need Driver’s Licenses or picture ID’s for everyone on your tax return
  • Your tax preparer needs your dependent’s Dates of Birth


  • If you are Self-Employed, bring along:
    • 1099 MISC paperwork
    • Business Income
    • Business Expenses
  • Any commissions that you either received or paid